Wasp Pest Control

Published: 20th May 2008
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Wasps are social creatures like ants. They form colonies consisting of workers - infertile female- males and a queen. Wasp's nests are found in buildings, earth banks, bushes, or in trees. There are more than 20000 different types of wasps around the globe. We can classify wasps in to two categories such as Solitary wasp and Social wasp. Most species are solitary and they are not normally a threat to human being. Usually they build nests every year, killing off worker wasps and males.

After this, only the young queens survive the winter to make a new nest in the following spring. Wasp pest control is absolutely necessary if they cause a nuisance to human being. Wasps cause a nuisance for various reasons. This usually happens in the late summer when the worker wasps cannot able to feed the larvae with protein foods. This situation compels them to enter kitchens in search of food. Wasps are not particularly hostile, but they will sting if aggravated. When the cooler weather comes, the wasps become more excitable.

Wasps nest gives us an idea about the type of the wasp. Their type of nest is also vary depend on the location and species. Social wasps usually produce paper pulp nest in attics, on trees, or holes in ground. Solitary wasps are predatory or parasitic and only the predatory wasps build nests.

Are they really harmful?

Generally speaking wasps are not harmful to people but they help us in many ways. Wasps play an effective and useful role scavenging for the larvae of other insects, which will in turn helps in controlling garden pests and clearing. They even dispose of rotten timber if available. They sometimes act as disease carriers by picking up deceases during their visits to bottle banks, dustbins and carcasses and can contaminate food if you allowed to stay on it. Another threat of wasp is that their injection of poison into the victim and this will result in redness and swelling. In some cases more serious effects occur, and you should seek medical advice if this happens.

Handle Wasp outbreak

Wasp outbreak happens due to many reasons. Frequent changes in climate may a reason for the outbreak of wasp. But the majority of the reasons are caused by the carelessness of people. An outbreak of fire in a forest will lead to the outbreak of wasps. You can dispose of individual wasps using domestic insecticides, but this will not eliminate or control the colony itself.

One should destroy the wasp colony and the whole nest completely to eliminate the menace of wasps. Destroying the wasp nest is a tedious and risk. So it is highly recommended to seek the help of a professional pest control organization for the complete elimination of wasps from the premises of houses. The best way to handle wasp outbreak is to prevent them to be hostile by provoking them by many means. Wasps are generally not harmful to human being but they became violent once they are attacked by others.

Article written in partnership for Wasp Pest Control and general Pest Control for Pest Busters and Axatax.

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